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Our Story


My name is Timea and I am the owner of Chimney Cakes bakery, a small family business that came to life due to our family missing the tastes of Transylvania! I am a mother of two children, David and Maya, we are originally from Romania, and for the past 6 years, I have dedicated my time and attention to my family, to help my children smoothly integrate into a new world and new culture, after my husband, Cris, being offered a work opportunity here. During the first 3 years, we had to relocate 3 times and in 2017, our last move brought us to Fort Wayne. Interestingly enough, our hometown also has a "fort" in its name... so we call Fort Wayne, our new "fort". :)

My background has nothing to do with the food industry, but ever since I was a kid, I liked to cook and bake with my mother. After college, I used to teach English, and then I worked as an HR specialist and manager for the most part of my career. The years that passed since we had to move to the USA created a gap that made looking for a similar job here unsuccessful. About two years ago, my husband and I started thinking about our own business of chimney cakes to bring to this side of the world, the pastry that delighted our vacations, festivals that we've attended, the sweet treat we used to get during our travels in Transylvania and Hungary. Then the pandemic hit, so we postponed and waited and waited...

Now, here we are, starting out small, but passionate about what we do and hopeful we will grow with your help! 

The chimney cake is always a delight, a unique pastry that brings magic to your taste buds with its crunchy caramelized crust and soft inside. Its recipe is centuries old and Sekler Hungarians in Transylvania usually pass it on from one generation to the next. Our chimney cakes are always made fresh to order and we make our dough from scratch using only quality ingredients. We've perfected a vegan recipe and we are always thinking about creating new variations of toppings and we plan on introducing savory chimneys, too. Our classic chimneys include the walnut, cinnamon, or the traditional. They are great with milk, coffee, or tea or just by themselves, you can cut them and use them as a boat bowl for your favorite fruit dessert, with ice cream or whipped cream. As we grow, we'll add ice cream choices to our current offerings and we are convinced you will absolutely love them!

Check out our locations so you know where to find us!

Share our story and invite family and friends to try our chimneys! Thank you for visiting and supporting us!

- Timea, Cris, David and Maya